Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

The Golden State big man was just shipped off to the New Jersey Nets ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline. He gets a fresh start and another chance to finally deliver on the potential many thought he had coming out of Carolina. He averaged just 9 minutes for the Warriors this season, scoring just 4.0 points per game.

If nothing else, Wright might serve as a cautionary tale to John Henson, if UNC’s current big man is thinking about bolting for the pros after this season. Don’t do it, John. You could end up in the worst of all places: New Jersey.

Yep, Lawson is the future

February 23, 2011

Following the Carmelo trade, Ty got the start last night for Denver, playing 38 minutes and racking up 21 points and 7 assists. Raymond Felton, acquired from the Knicks, didn’t play and instead watched from a luxury box. Even shorthanded, the Nuggets beat the Grizzlies 120-107.

That’s the Vegas betting line. Seems generous considering the team’s offensive woes of late and the Wolfpack’s mini-resurgence. Not to say that we won’t win. I’m just surprised Vegas is spotting us that much.

kenpom.com is predicting a 76-70 win for the Heels. Again, 76 points seems awfully generous. But maybe this is the game where we break out of the slump.

Sometimes in sports, fashion just has to go out the window. So for anyone looking to make a statement tonight as they watch Carolina dismantle NC State, there’s this light blue blazer that will basically look silly on you anywhere except inside the Smith Center.

And even then, you’re taking your chances.

But so what? You gotta let your Carolina pride show. Don’t let Sidney be the only one in a horrendous sportscoat. If that happens, UNC will have lost before the team even steps on the court. It’s only $67. You know you want it. You know you need it.

And whatdya know — the team hasn’t missed one yet.

Has it really come to this? At a press conference yesterday, Roy Williams talked — yet again — about Carolina’s shooting woes and what he was going to do differently at practice.  His solution sure seems (more…)

It’s one of the burning questions we’ve been pondering on the podcast recently.  Can the Heels do real damage in the NCAA tourney playing this way? Carolina has, without a doubt, improved as the season has gone along, but the team’s outside shooting remains more suspect than O.J. Simpson.

Is a Final Four run within our reach?

Fayetteville Observer columnist Dan Wiederer says, er, probably not. He’s predicting (more…)

Everyone’s heard about the Carmelo Anthony trade by now. Yak farmers in Kyrgyzstan have heard about the ‘melo trade.

And from a Carolina perspective, it’s one of the most interesting swaps in years. Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson have both ended up in Denver and are now basically competing against each other for the starting role — in principal.  Lawson has been the back-up for Denver, and Felton a starter for the Knicks, so Felton is likely to start if he ever steps on the court for Denver. But what about down the road?

Last week, George Karl called Lawson a “future all-star.” That’s pretty high praise, and it clearly shows that the coach is banking on Lawson in the long term. Meanwhile, Felton has an expiring contract. Will he be around next year? Will he be around next week?

As much as you love Felton, it’s hard to imagine he will be. Lawson is basically Felton, only younger, faster, but with less experience. Why not hand the Nuggets over to him and let Felton go and run another club that could really use him. (Like the Knicks, but I digress.)

In all of this ‘melo madness, Lawson could turn out to be the biggest winner of all. He gets a promotion to starter, running a young, rebuilding team that has a core of decent players. Maybe he will be an all-star next season.

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