Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

Dook’s point guard is nearly healthy enough to make a dramatic return in the NCAA tourney.

We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.

We’ll go ahead and write the script for Dick Vitale right now. “Kyrie’s the three S’s, baby! Super, scintillating, and tough! Wait, no, that’s only two S’s, but this kid is so tough. He was down for the count. Doctors said he might not ever walk again. And look at him now! Back on the court! He’s playing through pain, because he wants to do anything he can to help his team win. I love this kid! I just love this gutty kid!”

“What’s that? He just left for the NBA? Oh, well. You know who else I love? Nolan Smith.”

Our guest on this week’s podcast is the former Daily Tar Heel columnist who wrote a scathing diatribe on the eve of the Dook game back in 1990 that has been quoted and reprinted often.  (Here’s Ian’s current web site.)

For those who are interested, we’ve reprinted that article from 1990 below. (more…)

  • There was NO WAY that was a charge. Dexter picking up 3 quick fouls definitely changed the way we played in the early going.
  • Yep.  It’s official.  We have no answer for Nolan Smith at either end of the floor.
  • It is no excuse, but the Heels looked tired.  Mentally and physically.
  • It is no excuse, but the Heels are inexperienced. Roy said it himself after the game: Experience and talent beat only talent.  We’ll get there, it just takes time.
  • As much as it pains us to say it, the dookies just wanted it more. No where was this clearer than a view of the sidelines as the game was ending when those punks from Durham (nee New Jersey) were jumping around like a little girl who just received her first EasyBake Oven on Christmas morning.

While there were many ugly stats put up by the Tar Heels in this game, it is a combination of numbers from the dookies that tell the story. (more…)

Ian Williams, author of the Daily Tar Heel’s most famous anti-Dook column of all time, joins us to discuss the ACC tournament and the March Madness going forward. Also, we’ve got a multiple choice quiz on UNC’s first-round opponent, the obscure Long Island University, and Ian pinch hits with a special Dook sucks installment that proves everyone hates the Blue Devils — even one-year-olds. Ian’s blog is www.xtcian.com

  • Who was that dude sitting behind the Clemson bench that looked like John Bolton? He was there against Miami too.
  • Why didn’t Harrison Barnes shoot more? And by more, we mean every single possession? He could not miss. 
  • Clemson was clearly keyed on shutting down Kendall Marshall, who had 18 points last meeting. We’re a different team when he’s locked up. I nearly felt more comfortable in the first half when Dex was running point. Nearly.
  • Barnes was so in the zone that he ceased to even get excited. Very little fist pumping or chest slapping. It was like another level above emotion where he just stared coldly into the distance.
  • Marshall shot 11 times, Strickland twice. Discuss.
  • Why hasn’t Clemson won more games? Or do they only play well against us?

Another game in the ACC tourney, another heart attack. As a fan, I may be dead if this continues tomorrow. But clearly the story of this game (more…)

It is still pretty wild how quickly the Heels erased the deficit. My thought at the under-8 TV timeout (down 16) was “we just have to get it under 10 by the 4-minute TV timeout. With 5 minutes left in the game, we had cut it to 4. Amazing.

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