Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

Black Falcon - Harrison Barnes

Here’s some sweet art made by our boy Dave showing Harrison Barnes swooping down over NC State to steal their souls, any hope they had of winning the game and probably Sidney Lowe’s job. Kr-caw! (Is that the sound a hawk makes? No idea.)



Maybe they’re too busy…studying?

For some reason, UNC students aren’t even bothering to attend basketball games this year. Even with free tickets. As a result, the athletic department has slashed the student allotment by 34%.

Of the students who are given tickets, only about 60% bother to show up, with that number fluctuating wildly, depending on the opponent. For Duke, it’s obviously higher. For Virginia Tech, it was 62 percent. For Florida State, it was just 18%.

This is madness. Especially considering that the athletic department distributes around 2,700 tickets per game. You mean to tell me in a university with about 25,000 students, you can’t find 2,700 people to take a free ticket?

And it’s not like the team is UNC-Asheville here. Last time we checked, Carolina had quite the basketball tradition. And the team is second in the conference this year and headed to the NCAA tournament. What will it take to get students through the door of the Smith Center? Free popcorn? An autographed ball from Blue Steel?

At last night’s game, things nearly got out of hand. And we’re not talking about on the court.

Up in the stands, a Wolfpack fan was waving around a copy of “The Daily Tar Hell,” a hilarious (sarcasm here) parody of The Daily Tar Heel that the State paper produces. Well, depending on who you believe, this person did or didn’t smack Roy Williams’ wife with that paper. Wanda grabbed it out of the fan’s hands and ripped it up, as security came over to sort everything out. No one was apparently ejected.

Let this be a lesson to other opponents. You do not mess with Wanda.

  • John Henson shot 100% from the line. I repeat, John Henson shot 100% from the line.
  • The best moment of the night was Harrison Barnes’ second dunk putback. I’d like to have his scream that followed as my new ringtone.
  • Throughout the game, Raleigh station WRAL constantly promoted its trashy “Sex in Schools” news piece, which had off-camera teen voices saying things like, “Yeah, I think they’re doing it in the bathrooms.” Must be sweeps.
  • If you listened to this week’s podcast episode, you know (more…)

The Golden State big man was just shipped off to the New Jersey Nets ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline. He gets a fresh start and another chance to finally deliver on the potential many thought he had coming out of Carolina. He averaged just 9 minutes for the Warriors this season, scoring just 4.0 points per game.

If nothing else, Wright might serve as a cautionary tale to John Henson, if UNC’s current big man is thinking about bolting for the pros after this season. Don’t do it, John. You could end up in the worst of all places: New Jersey.

Yep, Lawson is the future

February 23, 2011

Following the Carmelo trade, Ty got the start last night for Denver, playing 38 minutes and racking up 21 points and 7 assists. Raymond Felton, acquired from the Knicks, didn’t play and instead watched from a luxury box. Even shorthanded, the Nuggets beat the Grizzlies 120-107.

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