Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

The U.S. Dept. of Education has released its annual figures tracking sports revenues, and UNC is #3 in money earned from hoops. The university raked in more than $20 million last year. This is a lot, considering that the median figure earned by a BCS school was $8.8 million. Oddly, Duke and Louisville rank #1 and #2.

Well, this took a while, but here — as best as we can tell — is the full transcript of Larry Drew’s birthday party rap from Monday night. If you were feeling sorry for him, or felt like he was being victimized by his overbearing mom, you probably won’t after reading this. He comes off as egotistical and above it all, and his strategy is clearly to play the victim. The part about him not wanting to stick to “a script full of typos” is especially puzzling. So, the coaches didn’t know what they were doing? Then how do you explain ACC regular season champs, Larry?

Transcript below: (more…)

Another Dook look-a-like

March 9, 2011

Because we can’t resist, really.  Who can identify this “creature”?

Do the Heels have any chance of landing one of the top seeds in the NCAA tourney? Personally, we doubt it, but there are some people out there making the case.

The thinking goes that if Carolina can win the ACC tournament — which would presumably mean they’d meet then clobber Dook again in the final — they will have done enough to be in consideration for a #1. Another factor the committee might take into consideration is the team’s momentum. The Heels definitely have the wind at their backs and are probably one of the most improved teams in all of college basketball. They’re certainly peaking as we head into March Madness, and they may continue to improve during the postseason, as they did last year during the NIT.

What does anyone else think? Is a #1 seed possible?

LD2’s birthday performance at an LA club last night, in which he ripped his former team, was not his rap debut. The point guard released a couple songs last year on Youtube. Does he have more talent on the mic than he did on the court? Judge for yourself.

And you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In what some may consider a huge miscarriage of justice, not a single Carolina player was voted to the league’s first team. (Though Zeller, Henson and Barnes made the second team.) But if you ask us, that’s just fine.

One of the best parts about watching this year’s UNC team is how balanced and unselfish it is. They play incredible team basketball. We don’t have one go-to guy that we lean on heavily, and in the long run, you just might win more games that way. After all, what happens when your star is having an off-night?

So that’s the question: Would you rather have one superstar on the first team, or 3-4 players on the second team? (I think you could easily make the case that Kendall Marshall should have made the second team.)

We’d choose having a more well-rounded, balanced team any day. So congrats to Z and Barnes and Henson. And to everyone else on the team — honored or not. They’re all doing their specific jobs, and they’re doing them well.

Larry Drew II took to the mic last night at his birthday party and decided it was a good idea to freestyle rap about his situation.  And now the Twitter world has struck back with #LarryDrewLyrics.  This is endless hours of entertainment.  Go ahead, give it a shot in the comments.

Ryan Kelly = McLovin

March 7, 2011

Here’s some art we got sent riffing on the earlier post about Seth Curry looking like that faun, Mr. Tumnus, from “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Ryan Kelly, you have a lucrative career ahead of you playing the movie nerd.

So just how out of control was the Smith Center on Saturday night? Let’s just say Libya’s got nothing on Chapel Hill. It was utter chaos from start to finish, with screaming, stomping, cheering and wild jumping up and down. Here’s a courtside view of the The Dunk. It was so big and confident, it only needs to go by one name, like Cher or Oprah.

North Carolina is up to #6 in the just-released AP poll. Carolina is just one spot behind Duke, who remains at #5. But if there was any justice in the world, the teams would have swapped places.

In the Coaches Poll, UNC is at #7.

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