Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

Party like it’s 1997?

March 1, 2011

We were thinking the other day about some of the similarities between this year’s team and 1997. That team started out 0-3 in the conference and looked to be just muddling along. Until Dean Smith inserted a freshman point guard into the starting lineup – Eduardo Enrique Cota. From that moment on, the Heels came together and won 18 in a row all the way to the Final Four.

And it case you forgot how good Ed Cota was, peep this:

To quote Pink Floyd, run like hell!
Check out this amazing stat. When the Heels get 10 or more fast break points in a game this season, they’re 11-0. Even last year when the team stunk up the court, Carolina was 13-2 when scoring 10 or more points on the break.

So basically the team needs to make like the Road Runner and keep tearing up the hardwood. With Kendall Marshall at the helm, getting easy buckets sure seems a lot easier. His head-ahead passes have already become his signature, and they lead to a couple baskets per game.

Lucky 13

February 28, 2011

The Heels have jumped up to 13th in the AP and coaches poll today.  Win this week and the train rolls right into the Top 10 at season’s end.

  • The announcers noted that Roy Williams was angry after Strickland’s skywalking dunk attempt on the fast break, but we’ll take that aggressiveness over a missed lay up from two feet any day of the week.
  • Gary Williams is a very sweaty man.
  • Is anybody else worried about Carolina’s ability to close out games? We’ve let some teams back in it at the end of games recently and almost did the same with Maryland.
  • Why would any opponent dare and try to take it one on one against Henson anymore? They’re just going to end up looking stupid.
  • On that note, here’s hoping Henson’s on-court trash talking continues. We like to see a little fire out of the usually laid-back big man.
  • Leslie McDonald and Reggie Bullock shoot it basically every time they touch. With McDonald, we’ll take it. With Bullock, not to much.

Happy birthday, Dean Smith

February 28, 2011

The coach of all coaches turns 80 today, and we hope he’s celebrating as he usually does: by playing golf and prank calling Coach K to tell him his refrigerator is running.

So just why does the team hate NC State so much? The Wolfpack hasn’t been a threat since the game was played with a peach basket. Also, we run down the Top 5 Harshest Roy Williams Quotes, and Dook sucks this week because they’re about to pull a lame Willis Reed tribute. Count on it.

Henson’s 7 blocks?  Nope.  McDonald’s 6-10 from the field?  Guess again… (more…)

Black Falcon - Harrison Barnes

Here’s some sweet art made by our boy Dave showing Harrison Barnes swooping down over NC State to steal their souls, any hope they had of winning the game and probably Sidney Lowe’s job. Kr-caw! (Is that the sound a hawk makes? No idea.)



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