Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

So, we screwed up and said it was Aaron Afflalo in this first clip.  It’s worse.  It’s Randy Foye.

And make sure you watch all the way to the end of this one to see Redick’s own teammates laughing at him. What a tool.

Did you know that when the groundhog saw his shadow on February 2nd, that he was actually telling everyone that there would be 6 more weeks of Reed and Andy talking about Tar Heel shooting woes? It’s a fact. This week, we try to figure out if the team is trending up, down or sideways and ask if it is time for a change at the starting “shooting” guard spot. Tourney Watch zeroes in on how far we might go and we reveal some stats that we have been tracking over the last several games. Oh, and Reed reads some poetry to Andy during the dook sucks segment. Seriously.

Too bad he’s in Japan.

Will Graves was recently signed to Japan’s B-J League (make your own jokes there), and seems to be doing quite well. He plays for the Akita Happinets, and in his second game for the team, he poured in 23 points.

After the BC, Henson was spotted in the locker room wearing a T-shirt that seemed to read, “Lead me, follow me or get out of my way.” The slogan is a quote from Gen. George Patton. So what does it mean? Is it just something he picked up at one of the novelty stores in Myrtle Beach or somewhere, or is he trying to send a message about something?

Carolina at #19

February 21, 2011

In the ESPN/Coaches Poll, out a few minutes ago, UNC remains at #19. The voters were apparently underwhelmed with the team’s two lackluster wins this week. Some of the old timers out there can remember when a W over Wake meant something.

  • It was ugly.
  • No, seriously. It was really ugly.
  • The 48 points marked the fewest for a Carolina team in the Smith Center. In the last game against BC, UNC had 49 — at the half.
  • Zeller runs the floor really well. You gotta love that about him. His hustle gets him 1 or 2 lay-ups every game.
  • Our starting shooting guard — sorry, “shooting” guard — took 1 shot the entire game. And missed. (more…)

Next Wednesday’s game against NC State will be the first NCAA basketball game broadcast in China. The Raycom feed will be shown in Shanghai (population: 16 million) with local play-by-play announcers calling the action. That’s pretty cool, but why not show the Dook-Carolina game? Or,not to be completely biased here, a Kansas or Kentucky game? NC State seems like a strange choice, but we’ll take it. Maybe it will pay off in recruiting down the road.  Send us some big men. We’d even take this chick.

  • BC has lost to not one but two Ivy League teams this season — Yale and Harvard. Has that ever happened to a team outside the Ivy League before?
  • If Carolina wins, the team will clinch a 7th 20-win season under Williams
  • In the team’s last meeting, Reggie Bullock broke out for 16 points, including four three-pointers. Here’s hoping this is the game where he gets back on track.
  • UNC did not score 80 points in any of 19 games started by Larry Drew II against ACC opponents over the last two seasons but have done so three times since Kendall Marshall took over. That’s nuts.
  • BC’s Reggie Jackson had just 6 points in his last meeting with the Heels, despite averaging nearly 19 for the season. That won’t happen again, will it?
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