Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

This turned out to be the all-Duke episode, less by planning and more through necessity. We take a look back at the Duke loss and we also get a report from correspodent Ian Williams, who managed to see the game at the Cameron and somehow made it out without being attacked by Speedo Man. In the official Duke Sucks segment, we round up 5 things — 5! — that are annoying us about the Blue Devils this week.

  • You had to figure Parker wouldn’t have two bad games against Carolina. Oh, well. Good luck in the NBA, dude. His bag is already packed.
  • UNC really missed Meeks, especially on the boards. Get well soon!
  • That’s two Dook games in a row where McAdoo has been sidelined with questionable fouls.
  • Nice game for Marcus Paige. Wish he would turn it on like the whole 40 minutes.
  • Tough way for Thornton to go out. 0 points, 5 fouls.
  • 9 rebounds for Brice Johnson. That’s pretty big.

This one is apparently floating around Durham. As far as numbers go, the ones we’re more interested in is how you can be ranked fourth in the country while being fourth in your conference.

Duke T-shirt

Mark Titus over at Grantland sure seems to think so.

Now, Carolina’s Final Four potential is a talking point, and that could be disastrous for the Heels. The last thing they need is to be told they’re great. Yes, they’re on a long winning streak, they’ve beaten some good teams, and Paige is a hero ball stud. But the Tar Heels are still a team that has one reliable 3-point shooter (Paige); whose best interior player has been inconsistent his entire career (James Michael McAdoo); and is known for its defense even though its defense isn’t among America’s best. If the Carolina players start believing they’re just as good as Florida and Arizona, they’ll lose their edge and get embarrassed. This is why I almost think Carolina will go further in the NCAA tournament if it loses to Duke on Saturday. A Carolina team that thinks it’s hot shit doesn’t scare me, but a Carolina team that’s hungry to prove it belongs is an opponent I’d want no part of.


What do you think? Would you rather see Carolina lose in Durham on Saturday in order to make the team a bit hungrier?

  • That was a pretty big yawn from Meeks on the bench. Late night at Players?
  • Hubert continues to make the most of his limited minutes. He had a real nice offensive rebound and assist.
  • So is it McDonald’s plan to make one stupid, unforgivable foul each game?
  • Much love to the walk-ons. They came in and got a lead. And hit a 3!
  • Connaughton’s butt-cut is reminiscent of young Mike Dunleavy circa 1997.
  • If they ever make a movie of Connaughton’s life, he’ll be played by Ben Affleck. If Ben is not available, then Matt Damon. Barring that, Donnie Wahlberg.
  • Brice Johnson’s defense was pretty shoddy through much of the game, but thank God he was in at the end to get that huge basket and tip out the ball at the end .
  • Once again, McAdoo set the tone. When ND took the lead, it was JMM who made the hustle plays and turned the momentum around.
  • This free throw shooting is just awful. If there’s one thing that’s going to bite Carolina in the ass come the postseason, it’s this.
  • Lots of huge mid-range jumpers from both Tokoto and Britt. Those were big shots.
  • What are the chances that two games in a row, a situation would arise where the opposing coach is allowed to send Desmond Hubert to the line for foul shots?
  • Kennedy Meeks’ hands are becoming legendary. When he’s in the game, you just know he’s going to come up with the ball. Complete confidence he’s going to snag the rebound.

Andy has a couple of confessions to make in this week’s episode as we discuss Marcus Paige, the winning streak (with McAdoo beard bonus talk!) and JP Tokoto’s dunking prowess. OK, fine. Sometimes  Heels do embarrassing things. Which ones are the worst? The Duke Sucks segment gets a little dicey.

  • Great win. VT is terrible, and that’s one that would have been easy to look past.
  • McAdoo had two of the most forceful dunks of the year. Throw it down, big fellah!
  • Does anyone keep the stat of how many Senior Days Carolina has ruined over the years?
  • This looked like some of the best ball movement of the season. The Heels were pretty good at passing around the zone, making skip and entry passes.
  • 14 minutes for Desmond Hubert. His time has really crept up since the Duke game.
  • When McDonald scores, UNC usually wins.
  • Not sure if it’s wise to have Tokoto attempt as many 3’s as Paige in a game.
  • 50% from the line. Scary.
  • That loss had to have buried State forever. They’re never coming back. Ever. There’s six feet worth of dirt on top of their coffin.
  • What the hell just happened? Can’t remember a crazier game with more back and forth than this one.
  • I think Leslie McDonald should buy Marcus Paige lunch for a year. Dude really saved him from becoming the goat.
  • It sure looked like Paige was taking the shoot-out with Warren personally. He made so many great, aggressive plays. Mind-boggling.
  • What a fat tub of goo Anya is.
  • Just to reiterate. Why would you even take a chance of fouling a State player with 1 second left on the clock and up by 2?
  • Kind of a stinker from McAdoo. He reverted a bit to the old JMM, forcing shots and missing his free throws.
  • Tough assignment for Tokoto being put on Warren. I’m not sure anyone on the team could have stopped him.
  • Tokoto has gotten so much better at shot selection. He only takes good jumpers (few threes) and is often in control when he drives. He’s also cut down on his TOs of late. Just one in this game.
  • State racked up 10 blocks. That hurt.
  • When Gottfried is fired at the end of next season, this game will have been the start of the great tumble downhill.

Yep. This is the big Duke game episode. Andy was there, and he has some reportage from section 105, row F. (A-hole.) Also, we’ve got the results of our first-ever contest where listeners share their reasons why Duke sucks.

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