Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead
  • Great win. VT is terrible, and that’s one that would have been easy to look past.
  • McAdoo had two of the most forceful dunks of the year. Throw it down, big fellah!
  • Does anyone keep the stat of how many Senior Days Carolina has ruined over the years?
  • This looked like some of the best ball movement of the season. The Heels were pretty good at passing around the zone, making skip and entry passes.
  • 14 minutes for Desmond Hubert. His time has really crept up since the Duke game.
  • When McDonald scores, UNC usually wins.
  • Not sure if it’s wise to have Tokoto attempt as many 3’s as Paige in a game.
  • 50% from the line. Scary.
  • That loss had to have buried State forever. They’re never coming back. Ever. There’s six feet worth of dirt on top of their coffin.
  • What the hell just happened? Can’t remember a crazier game with more back and forth than this one.
  • I think Leslie McDonald should buy Marcus Paige lunch for a year. Dude really saved him from becoming the goat.
  • It sure looked like Paige was taking the shoot-out with Warren personally. He made so many great, aggressive plays. Mind-boggling.
  • What a fat tub of goo Anya is.
  • Just to reiterate. Why would you even take a chance of fouling a State player with 1 second left on the clock and up by 2?
  • Kind of a stinker from McAdoo. He reverted a bit to the old JMM, forcing shots and missing his free throws.
  • Tough assignment for Tokoto being put on Warren. I’m not sure anyone on the team could have stopped him.
  • Tokoto has gotten so much better at shot selection. He only takes good jumpers (few threes) and is often in control when he drives. He’s also cut down on his TOs of late. Just one in this game.
  • State racked up 10 blocks. That hurt.
  • When Gottfried is fired at the end of next season, this game will have been the start of the great tumble downhill.

Yep. This is the big Duke game episode. Andy was there, and he has some reportage from section 105, row F. (A-hole.) Also, we’ve got the results of our first-ever contest where listeners share their reasons why Duke sucks.

  • McAdoo’s beard continues to work. Another win.
  • Biscuits in an ACC game? That’s just nuts.
  • Moody had as many points in this game as some of the starters have in a normal game. Crazy.
  • Glad to see Paige getting some much needed rest in the second half.
  • What a cheap shot artist Devin Thomas is. He’s like the villain from a 1980s movie. He needs to get put in his place by Ralph Macchio.
  • What can you say about the foul shooting? Even Desmond Hubert made one.
  • Joel James really needs to improve his defense. He’s awful at hedging and recovering, as well as giving weak side help. C’mon, big fellah!
  • What did everyone think of the throwback uniforms? Gotta agree with the announcers. The shorts were way too long to be true throwbacks.
  • Is that Lenny Rosenbluth’s real hair?
  • Great to see McDonald keep up the hot shooting. If he can continue that through the rest of the season and the tourney, Carolina is gonna be a tough out.
  • It bears repeating. Desmond Hubert made a free throw.
  • What  a great team effort that was. Everyone contributed something, and in most cases, more than you’d expect.
  • Yeah, his free throws are absolutely atrocious, but Hubert gave some really quality minutes. Might be nice to get him some more minutes in the future.
  • Paige is just fearless. Some of the shots he took and made were just incredibly gutsy.
  • McAdoo is so good at taking charges. He gets about one a game.
  • Carolina did a nice job of shutting down Dook from 3. That was a surprise.
  • Is it just our imagination, or is the officiating in the ACC getting much worse? Every game this year seems to feature some really awful calls. Like, obviously awful. This game was full of more phantom fouls and non-calls.
  • Way to come through from the line at the end, Nate Britt. That took balls of steel.
  • Meeks looked a bit scared early on. Of all the players you’d have thought would have had a big night against the undersized Blue Devils, he’d be the one.
  • God, Marshall Plumlee is the most prototypical Dookie. He so drank the Dook Kool-Aid. He’s needs to just sit the hell down.
  • Loved that 1-3-1 zone. Why don’t we play that more?
  • Shut up, Jay Williams.
  • Was also nice to see McDonald contribute. He’s been a black hole of late, so it’s good for him to go out in his senior season with a win over Dook at the Dome.
  • Great coaching on Roy’s part. The plays coming out of the time outs, the substitution pattern, the motivation, the defensive adjustments — it was all working.

Grantland talks to several former Carolina and Duke players about how the rivalry extends to the NBA. Here’s the best quote for you: “J.J. acting like a Dukie over there.” Read the whole thing here.

This week, Reed dials in from parts unknown (bear with us on the sound quality) to discuss all things Heels. We give you the latest on Tar Heels in the NBA while Andy completely flips out when discussing the snowed out Duke game.

In this week’s episode, Reed is on the road again, so Andy welcomes a very special guest host. We take a look at some of the factors propelling the Heels on the recent win streak. What is the first word that comes to your mind when we say “JJ Redick”? We play a little game of word association to find out. In the “Duke Week” edition of the Duke Sucks segment, we take a look at the aftermath of the loss to Syracuse.

  • Once again, McAdoo came ready to play. His first five minutes in that game might have been as good as any Carolina player’s in recent memory.
  • Meeks vs. Mitchell was the pudgiest showdown yet in the conference. Loved it. Those two smacking together would destroy buildings.
  • Also really liked how Meeks took it straight at Mitchell, drawing a few fouls.
  • Hubert is a really good shot blocker. Even though he plays really limited minutes, he often swats one. Per 40, he’s averaging 2.4 blocks per game, same as Brice.
  • I guess the only way Carolina will use any time outs is when one of the players dives on the floor and is forced to call one.
  • Has Dez Wells been at Maryland for 7 years? Seems like it.
  • Gotta love the crowd’s “ACC” chant late in the game. Enjoy your football money, Maryland.
  • Tokoto has become a bit of a turnover machine of late, especially on his post entry passes. Tighten it up!
  • Did someone not explain to Hicks about the red light on the 3?

Will be delayed a day. It’ll be up Monday night.

UPDATE: Andy is under the weather, so no podcast this week.

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