Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead
  • What  a great team effort that was. Everyone contributed something, and in most cases, more than you’d expect.
  • Yeah, his free throws are absolutely atrocious, but Hubert gave some really quality minutes. Might be nice to get him some more minutes in the future.
  • Paige is just fearless. Some of the shots he took and made were just incredibly gutsy.
  • McAdoo is so good at taking charges. He gets about one a game.
  • Carolina did a nice job of shutting down Dook from 3. That was a surprise.
  • Is it just our imagination, or is the officiating in the ACC getting much worse? Every game this year seems to feature some really awful calls. Like, obviously awful. This game was full of more phantom fouls and non-calls.
  • Way to come through from the line at the end, Nate Britt. That took balls of steel.
  • Meeks looked a bit scared early on. Of all the players you’d have thought would have had a big night against the undersized Blue Devils, he’d be the one.
  • God, Marshall Plumlee is the most prototypical Dookie. He so drank the Dook Kool-Aid. He’s needs to just sit the hell down.
  • Loved that 1-3-1 zone. Why don’t we play that more?
  • Shut up, Jay Williams.
  • Was also nice to see McDonald contribute. He’s been a black hole of late, so it’s good for him to go out in his senior season with a win over Dook at the Dome.
  • Great coaching on Roy’s part. The plays coming out of the time outs, the substitution pattern, the motivation, the defensive adjustments — it was all working.

Grantland talks to several former Carolina and Duke players about how the rivalry extends to the NBA. Here’s the best quote for you: “J.J. acting like a Dukie over there.” Read the whole thing here.

This week, Reed dials in from parts unknown (bear with us on the sound quality) to discuss all things Heels. We give you the latest on Tar Heels in the NBA while Andy completely flips out when discussing the snowed out Duke game.

In this week’s episode, Reed is on the road again, so Andy welcomes a very special guest host. We take a look at some of the factors propelling the Heels on the recent win streak. What is the first word that comes to your mind when we say “JJ Redick”? We play a little game of word association to find out. In the “Duke Week” edition of the Duke Sucks segment, we take a look at the aftermath of the loss to Syracuse.

  • Once again, McAdoo came ready to play. His first five minutes in that game might have been as good as any Carolina player’s in recent memory.
  • Meeks vs. Mitchell was the pudgiest showdown yet in the conference. Loved it. Those two smacking together would destroy buildings.
  • Also really liked how Meeks took it straight at Mitchell, drawing a few fouls.
  • Hubert is a really good shot blocker. Even though he plays really limited minutes, he often swats one. Per 40, he’s averaging 2.4 blocks per game, same as Brice.
  • I guess the only way Carolina will use any time outs is when one of the players dives on the floor and is forced to call one.
  • Has Dez Wells been at Maryland for 7 years? Seems like it.
  • Gotta love the crowd’s “ACC” chant late in the game. Enjoy your football money, Maryland.
  • Tokoto has become a bit of a turnover machine of late, especially on his post entry passes. Tighten it up!
  • Did someone not explain to Hicks about the red light on the 3?

Will be delayed a day. It’ll be up Monday night.

UPDATE: Andy is under the weather, so no podcast this week.

  • This one might make it official. McAdoo is the key to this team. When he plays hard and with heart, he accomplishes so much on both ends and pushes everyone else. He got fouled just 8 seconds into the game. Love it.
  • Can this be two games in a row where the opponent was actually worse at the foul line? What the hell?
  • If Kennedy Meeks can keep developing that sweet fadeaway turnaround, he will be unstoppable.
  • A Jackson Simmons sighting! A Jackson Simmons sighting!
  • James didn’t play much, but he did some good things on defense and on the boards. Nice going.
  • It’s weird how McAdoo struggles at the line but has not problem hitting a foul-line jumper during the game.
  • Why do people keep putting Shaq in commercials? He’s not half as funny as he thinks he is, and he has a serious mush mouth.
  • The team has gotten really good at tipping out foul line misses. I guess they have a lot of practice.
  • Here’s hoping one day Roy Williams will reveal just how he’s able to get the team up for every State game. Is it fueled by hatred alone? Would love to know.
  • That wasn’t pretty, but it was still a huge win and one that keeps the Heels’ NCAA tourney hopes very much alive.
  • Carolina took a lot of jump shots in the first half. You would have thought they’d have learned their lesson about attacking the basket after the win against Clemson.
  • It’s amazing to know there’s a team in the conference that’s worse from the line than Carolina — at least for one night.
  • Soooo, Jackson Simmons isn’t a thing anymore?
  • If I were the opposition’s coach, I’d tell my players never to bite on Kennedy Meeks’ first pump fake. But they always go for it.
  • Hicks for 3: red light.
  • McDonald took a whole lot of shots in that game. Was it too many? Hard to say, but he’s not exactly the most efficient scorer.
  • It was nice to see the bench step up when some of the starters got in foul trouble.

P.J. Hairston speaks

January 29, 2014

The guard, who’s currently playing very well in the D League, spoke to Draft Express. He didn’t say all that much, and flat out refused to answer a question about whether UNC treated him fairly. But there was this:

DX: What would you like to tell people as your side of the story?

PJH: Actions speak louder than words so I don’t really want to say anything. Anyone can say, “I’m going to be a better person,” but you have to show it. Like now, I’m a professional athlete. I have to show professionalism. It’s a grown man business and I know that I have to make decisions on my own now. It’s not college, no one’s going to be there to babysit me. It’s part of the maturing stage for me and I want to show that I’m a way better person than what was assumed.

DukeSucksOf course you do. Don’t be crazy. We’re giving away three copies to listeners in advance of the upcoming Dook game. If you want to get in on that action, all you have to do is call our hotline and give us your reason why Duke sucks. Could be something timely that happened that week. Could be a rant about your least favorite player of all time. Could be something evergreen about Coach K. Could be a personal anecdote about a run-in with a Dookie. As long as you’re passionate about it. Best three voicemails win a copy of the book. Deadline is Wednesday, February 12 at noon.

Call 641-715-3900, ext. 422465 and leave your message. At the end, give us your address. We’ll edit that out for broadcast on the podcast.

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