Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

As he proved a few times in the now-concluded series against the Bulls, Tyler Hansbrough is a beast. He is probably one of the most physical, hard-charging players out there. Take a look at this pretty great highlight video rounding up many of his hustle plays and hard dunks when he still wore a Carolina uniform. Watching it proves once again what we’ve always said: Tyler is the greatest guy in the world to play with, but if he were on the other team, you would hate him more than anything. We’re glad he’s our guy.

Now it’s Will Graves’ turn. The former Heel, who’s playing over in Japan, dabbles in hip-hop occasionally. He’s just released a song honoring his late grandfather, who Will says was the reason he went to Carolina. Take a listen here.

Your Easter wish is hereby granted.  (Thank you Twitter).

Go ahead. He’s apparently up for a game of NBA 2K11. His gamer tag is DNice219

His new single “Fire” isn’t embeddable, so you’re just going to have to go here to listen to it.

It begins with McCants (aka Suni Blac) whispering creepily, “I’m on fire” like one of those 2am callers chicks used to get in the days before caller ID. After that, it’s a pretty standard rap jam with verse after verse of boasting about being able to do stuff way better than everyone else. Novel! Although we do award points for being able to rhyme anything with “orthodontist.”

And we’re not sure whether it’s a plus or minus, but this song doesn’t seem to mention basketball once, unlike Blac’s last song, “Ballin’.” What do y’all think? Would you want to hear this song in a club or on the radio?


The Fayetteville Observer has a pretty interesting (but let’s be honest, very niche) interview with Bobby Frasor, a lifelong Bulls fan, talking about Psycho T — his former teammate who’s now playing against Chicago in the first round of the playoffs. Hansbrough has been going off for Indy, and oftentimes, getting the better of his match-up with Carlos Boozer. But that hasn’t stopped Carlos from talking a lot of trash.

“I’m not going to repeat anything; you’d have to use a lot of bleeps and then there wouldn’t be much to say,” Hansbrough said. “You try to limit [responses], but sometimes you get frustrated and slip up and say something you shouldn’t have.”

Anyway, for whatever reason, Tyler has become the man to hate for Bulls fans. Here’s a sample from the interview:

Q: I’ve heard from people in Chicago that think that if this series drags out at all, that by the end of things, Tyler is going to reach a Bill Laimbeer level of hatred with Bulls fans. You get that same sense?
Absolutely. It was pretty obvious. When he checks into the game and they announce him coming back on the floor, the boos are significantly louder for him than anyone else. When he’s shooting free throws, they’re booing him pretty good. There’s a lot of people screaming at him. I’m not sure why. I guess after that one steal and dunk he had his arms in the air and he was getting really emotional. And it was bothering people. And yeah, he could get to Laimbeer status if the Pacers get a couple of wins and he keeps playing well.

Blue Steel’s tour diary

April 20, 2011

This is pretty great. Blue Steel’s D.J. Johnston brought along his video camera on the team’s trip to Newark during the NCAA tournament, and I doubt you’ll ever see a more revealing behind-the-scenes than this. Check out the team in the hotel, the locker room, on a private plane and freestyle rapping on the bus. You’ll also learn just how obsessed everyone on the squad apparently is with Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Sure, OK.
Watching this, you can easily understand why all these guys wanted to come back to school. This looks like a helluva lot of fun.

Especially when most of them put the Tar Heels at #1.

Break out a celebratory Bojangles biscuit! Harrison Barnes is coming back! On this special breaking news episode, Andy and Reed salivate over the prospect of the 2012 team, and we play a bunch of voicemails from equally enthusiastic listeners. Also, Dook sucks this week because of some bull involving Kyrie Irving.

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