Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

Barnes will return!

April 18, 2011

The announcement was made official this morning. Smart man, that Harrison.

What are your thoughts on Zeller, Henson and Barnes returning? Leave us a voicemail message today at 206-426-2676, and we may play it on a special episode of the podcast we’ll be recording tonight.

This one went down yesterday afternoon at the Granville court, just off Franklin Street. Fun fact: The Carolina players have now won more off-season pick-up games than Wake Forest won in the conference last year. Watch highlights and interviews below.

In this episode, Reed and Andy do their 2nd of who knows how many “post-season wrap-up” shows with special guest Jonathan Jones, Sports Editor for The Daily Tar Heel. Jonathan tells us where he thinks the season turned around, he shares the story of how a simple head nod from John Henson impressed his girlfriend, and what he hears (but can’t share on a family podcast) when sitting courtside. And in “Dook Sucks” this week, we take a peek at what the student newspaper 8 miles down the road is up to.

Follow Jonathan on Twitter at jjones9

Former UNC guard King Rice, who was just hired as the head coach at Monmouth, is rumored to be bringing in some assistants whose names will be familiar to the Tar Heel Nation: Derrick Phelps and Brian Reese. Both have been working with college teams in various capacities. Reese is an assistant at High Point, and Phelps was a video coordinator at Fordham.

If he adds Henrik Rodl, you can put us down for season tix.

Rice is also rumored be considering hiring former Dookie Roshown McLeod, who suddenly resigned after one season at St. Anthony’s high school, where he barely kept the team above .500. The team was 20-1 the previous season.

Henson had this to say.

“I want to come back to school next year because I enjoy all aspects of being a college student and I truly love being a Tar Heel,” says Henson. “We had a fun and successful season, but we all want to improve on what we accomplished. I know at some point I want to play in the NBA, but right now I want to enjoy my college life. My teammates and coaches are great and I want to help them reach the big dreams we all share.”

Two down, one to go.

Here’s more footage from Monday’s pick-up game behind Cobb dorm. It’s got interviews with Kendall Marshall, Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock. And best of all, they also chat with the Asian chick in a sweater who takes the ball from Butter. Bonus: You get to see John Henson make a 3/4 court-length shot.

Here’s some pretty great video showing the loose, fun nature of the proceedings. Watch in amazement as The Yellow Mamba — walk-on Daniel Bolick — violently dunks the ball. Of course he’s being lifted into the air by John Henson, but no matter…

So, word is, the game worked this way: It was the Carolina players vs. random bystanders. The first 5 civilians to make a foul shot would form a team. The game would be to 10, and five more bystanders would get a shot. (And no, the scholarship players did not lose once. Keep dreaming.)

Not to be petty, but did anyone else think Carolina got short shrift in last night’s “One Shining Moment” montage? There was literally only one momentarily flash of a UNC player: Kendall Marshall for a bout .3 seconds.

Luther Vandross is rolling over in his grave right now.

It’s not like North Carolina went out in the first round to Morehead State or something. The team bucked expectations and made it to the Elite 8. In fact, we’d dare say that Carolina’s rise from early-season disappointment to national title contenders was one of the best stories this year in college basketball. Also, the team has one of the biggest stars in the game, Harrison Barnes. So why no love in the montage? Someone get us Dick Enberg’s number. He’s about to get an earful.

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