Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

The current Tar Heels hoops squad has no problem dominating their fellow students, but when it comes to pros, the story is a little different. Word from the annual Smith Center pick-up games pitting the current squad against former Heels (many of them now playing professionally overseas or in the NBA) is that the pros haven’t lost a step in their older age. In fact, the wily vets are handily dispatching the young bucks in the majority of the contests.

Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily.

Three times a week this summer, former North Carolina greats like Sean May, Raymond Felton, Marvin Williams and Shammond Williams roughed up the current Tar Heels in spirited five-on-five pickup games at the Smith Center.

One of the few times the youngsters left with bragging rights was the day in late July that they won five of seven games. The pros endured some friendly trash talk before delivering a swift dose of humility, sweeping seven straight games the next day and then winning seven of eight the following evening.

“It keeps us humble,” sophomore point guard Kendall Marshall said. “If all we saw were the rankings that had us preseason No. 1, we might have slacked a little bit, but having the pros here keeps us working hard. When we have players like that beating up on us constantly, it makes us realize we do have things we have to get better at.”

New site design

August 26, 2011

Thanks to our friend Ken Lau, a talented NYC-based web designer and illustrator, for giving the site a little makeover. You can check out his work (or hire him for your project) here.

It appears that the team will be playing another one of its popular pick-up games on campus. If you’re in town, it’s your chance to see Harrison Barnes and co. up close and personal. Or if you’re one of the lucky few who steps on the court against them, a chance to have your ugly J thrown back in your grill by John Henson. Cherish it forever.
Here’s a taste of the last pick-up game earlier this week.

The ACC has just released schedules for the upcoming season, and at first glance, Carolina’s looks like a bruiser. We’ll record an episode of the podcast this weekend, breaking it down game by game, but until then, have a look for yourself.

Over on Twitter, Strickland’s teammates are busting on him because rapper J. Cole exhibits a similar shooting form in his new video for “Work Out” — in other words, leaning back awkwardly at a 45-degree angle. Hey, it’s ugly, but it goes in. Occasionally.
Take a look for yourself. Does this jumper remind you of Strickland?

Our Duke Sucks book

August 12, 2011

It’ll be available January 12, 2012, but you can pre-order your copy now for a measly $10.17. It covers all the reasons to hate Duke and has some surprising revelations, interviews with former Carolina players and lots of other stuff. You can check it out on Amazon here. We’re not gonna push this thing like we’re a couple of shysters selling hair tonic out of the back of a wagon, but if you’re into Carolina basketball and Duke has ever gotten on your nerves — even a little bit — you’ll probably want to read this.

The Duke Sucks book

August 10, 2011

In the ranks of college basketball, Duke is like something scraped off a shoe. It’s like a nasty virus you catch from a door handle at a public toilet.

No team is as uniquely hated as those smug, entitled, floor-slapping, fist-pumping, insufferable Blue Devils. The loathing has almost reached the level of a religion. Christian Laettner is a punk. Amen. The Cameron Crazies are obnoxious. The Plumlees are three times worthless. Coach K is a jerk. Kumbaya.

The team is dogged by an intense hatred that no other team can match — and for good reason. Millions of basketball fans around the world are not imagining thing. Duke really is evil, and within these pages, Tucker and Bagwell show readers exactly why Duke deserves to be so detested. They bruise and batter the Blue Devils with fact after fact, story after story, statistic after statistic. They build an airtight case that could stand up in a court of law.

So sit back, force someone poorer than you to do your work in true Duke fashion, and crack open the ultimate guide to Duke suckitude.

You can buy it in January at your local bookstore, or at Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com.

This time out, Andy and Reed take a look at the incoming class of five, running them down from least hyped to most. Will they be more Antawn Jamisons or Justin Bohlanders? Also, Dook sucks this time because Coach K may have finally — finally — gotten busted doing something illegal. Bout time. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com

Are Kentucky fans trying to make UNC-UK the biggest rivalry in college ball? Sure seems that way.

We’re still a good three months away from the season, but one Wilcats fans has taken it upon himself to diss the Heels. What he specifically takes issue with is Jay Bilas’ proclamation that Carolina has the best frontcourt in the game and will therefore be the best team of 2012. Here’s a choice nugget:

Henson may be able to block every shot within 6 feet of him and dunk like a freak, but he’s a foot taller than I, we weigh the same AND I am only considered “slightly obese” for my age and height. Zeller will eventually get drafted by the Pacers and will never be heard of again. Let’s stop pretending that he plays as big as his nose. Barnes is a man, enough said there. Lastly, Macadoo will be a frosh and Roy Williams despises rookies who are good at basketball. His impact will be minimal.

The writer also claims Wildcat superiority based on the fact that UK beat UNC in the NCAA tournament last season.

Where do we even begin with this whole thing? Ignoring the fact that the writer mentions P.J. Hairston twice in the piece and both times spells his name wrong, let’s assume he’s a serious writer trying to make a serious argument. UK will be good, no doubt, but until Kentucky proves its frontcourt is as lethal as the veteran talent in Chapel Hill, we’re giving Carolina the edge.

And the point that Roy never uses freshman? That’s just willfully ignorant. I’m sure you can scroll through quite a few names in your mind of frosh who have made big impacts in the last decade.

Come to think of it, we’re done with this whole thing. Go read it if you want. Then we’ll patiently wait for the UK-UNC game at Rupp on December 3.

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