Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead
  • This had all the excitement and urgency of a game of H-O-R-S-E I played at a community park last week.
  • Tyler Zeller had his pocket picked on his first touch. Not a good way to start for someone who’s been criticized of late for being soft with the ball.
  • Watching the replay of the last 10 seconds of the Kentucky game stung worse than watching it real time. Why the heck didn’t anyone have the presence of mind to foul? UNC could have easily gotten the ball back with 4 or so seconds.
  • Good things continue to follow Reggie Bullock wherever he goes. His role seems to get bigger with every game.
  • And luckily, as Bullock’s role increases, P.J. Hairston’s doesn’t seem to diminish. Someone should remove the “interim” title from Roy Williams. He almost seems to know what he’s doing.
  • Speaking of Hairston, if he had to twist an ankle, this stretch of games is the best time he could have possibly done it.
  • The game was so out of hand that the announcers started talking about football with 11 minutes left. In the first half.
  • Zeller had almost as many assists, 4, as Buttah, 6.
  • Hubert Davis doesn’t do a very good job of hiding his bias, and I’m completely cool with that. He let out a couple of loud “Oh’s!” on big Carolina dunks.
  • Mike Patrick basically gave up on the game with 10:29 left on the clock, saying, “Evansville will drop to 3-4.” Wonder what Evansville fans made of that. Those few who were still watching at that point, that is.

A couple tidbits

December 6, 2011
  • Kendall Marshall won the coaching staff’s defensive award for the Wisconsin game. Not bad for someone who was forced to guard Jordan Taylor much of the game and who had been criticized for his poor performance one game earlier against UNLV.
  • Desmond Hubert won the overall “good plays” award vs. Tennessee State. Yes, Desmond Hubert.
  • Dexter Strickland has not attempted a 3-pointer this entire year. Last year, he attempted just 32 the entire season. Maybe it’s time to change his position from “shooting guard” to something more appropriate like “defensive stopper.”
  • Just 23% of Harrison Barnes’ shots are coming from behind the arc, compared to almost 40% last season.
  • Carolina is currently tops in the ACC in 3-point percentage at 44%. Seriously. The team is also #1 in assist to turnover ratio.

According to an interesting article over at Grantland, there were nearly as many NBA execs in attendance at the UNC-Kentucky game as Wildcat fans. This game was a scouting bonanza. So how did the Heels do? Like most things, it was a mixed bag. Marshall, Henson and Strickland likely improved their draft stock, while Zeller diminished his. As for Barnes, he may have raised more questions than he answered.

All of his five made field goals came on catch-and-shoot jumpers. He was not able to get to the free throw line. These are distinct patterns we’ve seen in his time at North Carolina thus far, and should draw some pause for those who project him as a sure-fire Top 3 draft pick.

Through eight games this season, Barnes has made just one field goal (a runner against Tennessee State) inside the paint in non-transition, post-up or offensive rebound situations — highlighting his struggles as a shot-creator.

As a catch-and-shoot jump-shooter, Barnes has been terrific, converting 47 percent of his attempts. Unfortunately he’s taken twice as many shots off the dribble than with his feet set, and has converted those at half the efficiency (.65 points per possessions versus 1.36).

It’s early to draw too many conclusions from this limited sample size, and there are plenty of mitigating factors — North Carolina’s poor spacing stemming from their lack of 3-point shooting in the starting lineup being the main one. But this is definitely something to keep an eye on as the season moves on.

Heels rise, fall in polls

December 5, 2011

Coming off a tough loss to Kentucky, North Carolina actually rose one place in the AP poll this week, climbing to #4. In the coaches’ poll, UNC fell to #6. Kentucky remains atop both. Meanwhile, Duke fell to #5 and #7 after their trouncing at the hands of Ohio State.

In this week’s episode, we break down what happened at the end of the Kentucky game and try to do it without busting on Zeller. Reed is backing away from the ledge after a week against two top ten opponents. We talk about THE unibrow and Duke Sucks because of a newbie named Zero. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com.

We are counting down the games until the glorious Leader Of Men breaks the all time wins record! Don’t let the liberal media fool you, Coach K is not currently sitting at 906 wins, we aren’t counting the 37 wins he got during the 1999 season when he played an ineligible player – Corey Maggette.  So, that currently puts the #1 Blue Devil at 869 wins!  Just 11 more to go until he passes Dean Smith! Stay tuned as we celebrate this enormous accomplishment!

Today’s poll

December 3, 2011
  • Pretty good effort all around. No shame in losing by 1 to the #1 team in the country on their home floor.
  • Did  I miss Ashley Judd?
  • This game pretty much showed that the UNLV loss was, if not a complete aberration, at least a one-off pile-up of Carolina’s weaknesses combined with bad luck.
  • Kendall Marshall had a rare game where he was more valuable for scoring than for assists.
  • P.J. Hairston and James Michael McAdoo looked like men out there. They had no fear.
  • The whole “Zeller gets stripped on the inside” storyline is getting really old.
  • The sequence that began with the Marshall over-the-head no-look pass and ended with a Harrison Barnes 3 was one of the most exciting of the season.
  • Speaking of Barnes…that third foul? Stupid.
  • We may just have to accept at this point that Carolina is not a great rebounding team.
  • Last year, the team came into its own during the Kentucky game in the regular season. After a shaky start to the season, we may look back at this game in April as where everything started falling into place.
  • Reggie Bullock!

We gotta be honest. This never occurred to us in the least. But there are apparently some people out there who read a lot into Wallace’s attire at Wednesday’s Wisconsin game. The former UNC forward was wearing a red shirtshirt, instead of one with Carolina’s logo or colors.

OK, and? The conspiracy theorists’ thinking goes that this was Sheed’s way (more…)

Tomorrow’s match up is shaping up to be perhaps the biggest college hoops game of the year — until the tournament, that is — and demand for tickets is naturally high. According to early reports, seats being scalped around Lexington are going for as much as $500 a pop.That’s more than even a Dook student has in his wallet.

Online, prices were all over the place.

Lower-level tickets were selling for $1,000 to $2,001 on StubHub.com on Thursday. Prices on Craigslist averaged from $200 to $800. PrimeSports.com was selling tickets from $88 on the low end to $2,970 for a pair of fourth-row seats.

What are you willing to do, or sell, to get inside? Plasma? Your car? Your virginity on eBay? Do what you need to do to support the Heels.

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