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November 27, 2011

Today’s poll

November 25, 2011
  • Despite being bigger than most everyone on the court, Zeller got stripped or blocked an alarming number of times. Maybe that’s why McAdoo got so much PT.
  • Thank God for Barnes. Whenever South Carolina looked poised to make a run and cut it to under 10, Barnes cooly dropped in a basket. He looked like he was capable of scoring any time he wanted.
  • The arena looked 3/4 full. Guess everyone was busy catching Manilow at the Paris.
  • Last game it was Bullock. This game it was Hairston. At the end of the season, who will have won the battle of the bench shooting guards?
  • Instead of toying with South Carolina like a cat bats with a mouse, anyone else wonder why UNC was incapable of just burying the team in the first half?
  • Henson got one of his shots rejected. You see that about as often as a David Dupont three.
  • Hairston copped a bit of a ‘tude and looked to be ready to punch someone when he got bumped and Carolina was up 20. Like the attitude. Like the restraint better.

The Cameron Crazies can eat it

November 23, 2011

A listener pointed us toward this video, saying it was awesome, and he was right. Check out Utah’s fan section chant of “I believe that we will win.” It’s simple and powerful, unlike all that overly clever BS over in Durham that ends up being just a bunch of irritating noise.

Checking in on the Wear twins

November 23, 2011

Last we heard, they’d moved out West to prospect for gold or something. Have they found it?

Well, not really. UCLA, where they transferred, has started the season 1-3, with losses to Loyola Marymount, Middle Tennessee State and Kansas. No shame in that last one, but the first two? Both brothers are playing more minutes than they did at Carolina — David averages 32, while Travis gets 27. Their scoring hasn’t exactly increased dramatically though. David is averaging 7 points to Travis’ 9.

As a writer posted on bruinsnation.com of the Kansas game:

The Wears are black holes. They never met a difficult shot they didn’t like and when they actually pass to someone else, I don’t think their teammates are ready for it. It’s that much of a shock. None of this is conducive to developing any kind of offensive rhythm.

And from the LA Times:

UCLA doomed itself with another horrid start in which it fell behind by 17 points at halftime thanks to poor shooting and a flurry of 11 first-half turnovers. Jones missed all five of his shots and Wear missed all three of his attempts in the first half, pleasing a decidedly pro-Kansas crowd that also included Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak, Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers and Ron Holmes, the father of top UCLA prep target Shabazz Muhammad.

Sounds like UNC might have actually dodged a bullet on this one.

Today’s poll

November 22, 2011
  • Four months from now, here’s hoping we look back at this game as Reggie Bullock’s coming out party. This was the Bullock we were promised over the summer: strong, confident and deadly from long range. Maybe the previous games this season were aberrations. Maybe.
  • Despite UNC’s comfortable lead, Kendall Marshall still played the bulk of the minutes at point (29). This could be a problem going forward in the season.
  • Has Harrison Barnes been eclipsed by John Henson? Sure seems that way. You hear much more chatter and excitement over the big man than Barnes these days. Wonder whose picture ESPN will use to promo upcoming games.
  • “Mean” Zeller came out for a few possessions. The big guy would not be denied, went up strong and willed the ball through the hoop. Loved it.
  • Someone named David Dupont scored for Carolina. A 3, no less. Wow. That is truly a historic butt-whipping of an opponent.

Beware Long Beach State

November 17, 2011

They beat #9 Pittsburgh on the road yesterday. The Heels host them in early December, and remember this is a team that Carolina beat by just 5 last season and who put up the most points — 91 — of any opponent all year. Just sayin’.

We wrote about Henson’s new arsenal of moves a few days ago. Now ESPN has an interview up with the forward about his development. Seems his progress was a result of banging against former Tar Heels all summer.

But after practicing against the likes of former Tar Heels forwards Marvin Williams, Sean May, Brendan Haywood and Brandan Wright over the summer, Henson realized he needed something more. So he started developing a right-handed hook — and began regaining confidence in his turnaround jumper.

“It’s been a lot of work,’’ Henson said. “But when you’ve got those guys guarding you every day, sometimes that right hook isn’t going to work all the time … and you need other moves you can get off over them. “

ESPN is running a poll asking readers who is the best coach of all time. This is probably pegged to Coach K having done something newsworthy recently. You won’t see that mentioned on this site ever.

Anyway, the poll presents five choices: Bob Knight, Coach K, Dean Smith, Pat Summit and John Wooden. Currently, Wooden is leading with 45%, but the travesty of this whole thing is that Coach K is outpacing Smith. By a lot. 24% to 11%. That’s basically a felony right there. You think of everything Smith did for the sport, including helping to integrate it, utilizing four corners, recruiting Michael Jordan, and on and on and on. Then you think of everything Coach K has done, which is pretty much limited to finding new ways to use the F word and coming up with creative ways to keep mediocre former Duke guards employed. Not impressed.

So go over to ESPN and do your duty. Smith probably won’t win the poll, but he should damn sure finish ahead of K.

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