Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

In this week’s episode, Reed and Andy wonder if teams are starting to figure out this year’s version of the Heels. Britt, Berry and Brice are discussed as well as a look at NCAA Tournament seeding projections. Don’t miss some interesting news in this week’s version of the Duke Sucks segment.

In Episode 112, we put the Duke loss behind us and try to figure out what Roy needs from the home crowd. Reed has a tribute quiz for one the injured Heels and This Week in Duke Sucks is anchored by Jay Williams.

The Dook game

February 19, 2015

On the one hand, going into the game, many predicted a blow-out. Dook was favored by 7.5 points and seemed to be hitting its stride while the Tar Heels were in the midst of a major funk. So just the fact that Carolina played so well has to be a nice surprise. But on the other hand, it’s not good that this team has two epic collapses in the last three weeks.

Tokoto was just awesome in most every facet of the game, from scoring to rebounding to defense. And his reverse dunk was huge. Many players would have just laid the ball up. By adding a little more oomph to it, he energized the team and quieted the crowd. That’s huge. At times this season, it feels like Carolina has really been missing someone like that — someone who’s cold-hearted and just puts a dagger into the opposing team. This team needs to get a bit nastier.

Kennedy Meeks was also big. At times, he had trouble guarding Okafor one-on-one, but who wouldn’t? He didn’t back down on the offensive end though, banging straight into the chest of whomever happened to be guarding him. Loved his effort, his rebounding and his hands.

Brice Johnson also had a strong game. You had to figure going into this one that he would be the one UNC player Dook might not have an answer for. Sure enough, he seemed to be able to score almost at will around the bucket. Which made the team’s decision to start shooting jump shots at the end all the more puzzling.

I get that Paige was being smothered by the defense and didn’t have much of an opportunity to score, but still, you’d expect a bit more from someone who’s a pre-season All American. As the game went on, it became pretty clear that it wasn’t going to be Paige’s night. That’s fine. It happens. So WHY at the end of regulation was the play drawn up for Paige? Why is he always the default last-shot-taker? Throw it to Meeks or Johnson instead. See what’s working on a particular night. Don’t always just default to the “star.”

Carolina doesn’t close out games well. That’s become pretty clear. And against Dook, you could see when it all started to fall apart. There was a point with about two minutes left when the team stopped playing and started thinking. They stopped attacking and just looked scared and unsure of themselves. Not good. I understand the need to burn the clock, but is burning 20 seconds worth taking the team out of the offensive flow? Watching the guard hold the ball until 10 seconds left on the shot clock just so someone can heave up a desperate shot is so frustrating. What happened to just continuing to play? Isn’t two points more valuable than 20 seconds?

The cries of “this team is soft” are gonna get louder now. Maybe the team is soft. Carolina definitely lacks a Psycho T type who plays physical and can be counted on to give maximum effort. Were Hansbrough to have gotten the ball nine feet from the basket, with UNC down and 7 seconds left, like Hicks did, Psycho T would have thrown his body towards the rim and tried to dunk it. Hicks just looked panicked. No one on Carolina looked like they were wanting to take that last shot. The roster is loaded with talent but if there’s one element that’s really missing (besides outside shooting), it’s the lack of an enforcer type who won’t back down from opponents or big moments.

The refs missed some huge calls, including the hold on Tokoto by Winslow, and blew some other ones. Johnson got called for at least one phantom foul, and his fouling out of the game sealed UNC’s fate. Watch below as Jefferson shoves Johnson into the defender, who then flops. And the stoppages at the end of the game to fix the clock certainly helped Dook. But the loss is not on the refs. This one’s on Carolina. Make foul shots, get a simple rebound and the game would have been over.

In yet more injury news…

February 12, 2015

Desmond Hubert is apparently out for the seasons with a torn ACL. Terrible news. The big man hasn’t been playing too much of late and has seen most of his minutes gobbled up by Joel James, but still. Dez was an excellent defender and arguably UNC’s best shot blocker. He’ll certainly be missed, and this is no way for his college career to end. It would have been great to see him start against Duke on Senior Day and maybe slap one of Okafor’s hook shots into the third row.

Roy Williams had this to say:

“Desmond is our best defensive post player and a wonderful kid who helps us in so many ways that fans don’t see each day but our coaches and his teammates appreciate,” UNC coach Roy Williams said in a school-issued release. “I just hate it for the youngster that he won’t be able to play any more in his senior season. Desmond is a great teammate, and they will rally around him and give him plenty of support.”

And now, Carolina’s already-depleted bench gets even thinner.

More on the UNC “scandal”

February 11, 2015

One of the central figures driving the “UNC gave athletes a pass” is former learning specialist Mary Willingham. If you’ve been following this whole thing, you probably know about her. And you probably also know how you feel about her. Some people credit her as an honest whistleblower, just trying to shed a little light on a problem. Others have pointed out troubling inconsistencies in her stories and research.

Regardless of how you feel, you should read this with an open mind. It’s a quite exhaustive investigation into what Willingham could and could not have known, based on actual verifiable information. Her most famous assertion that she worked with someone on the 2005 men’s national championship basketball team “who couldn’t read” seemed a little fishy. Now it appears to be complete bunk.

Reed and Andy discuss their memories of Coach Smith in this week’s episode. We saw a new starting lineup against Boston College. Will we see more of it and does that mean an increased role for Hicks? The dookies are ruining things in the NBA and gave the boot to a malcontent.

No podcast this week

February 2, 2015

New episode will be up next week.

I’m sure you’re as sick of the whole “Coach K reaches 1,000″ thing as we are. Great accomplishment. Congratulations and all that. But over on the Inside Carolina message boards, a fan has posted a little truth. Thought we’d share.

For those of you on Tobacco Road hearing the onslaught of “K, the Greatest Ever” riff, here are a few talking points for you to send back to the fans from the school in Durham.

OK we have to admit that K is a very good coach, but let’s let everyone in the media catch their breath about the “Greatest of all time, K”.  The reason he has so many wins is that he’s playing more games.  In Coach Smith’s first season he played in 16 games, in K’s first season, 25.  As the seasons get longer you can rack up more stats.  The current #2 of win totals in Jim Boeheim only 40 behind K, anyone want to make the case that Boeheim is the 2nd best coach of all time (Over Wooden, Smith, Allen, Rupp, Knight, etc)?  Didn’t think so.

And if winning 1000 games during Coach K’s career is such a great accomplishment, guess who deserves a big pat on the back?  NORTH CAROLINA, because in the same time period that Coach K won 1000 games UNC won, that’s right, MORE, 1047!!  (if there is a student reading this message board, this stat needs to be on a big sign in baseline seats for the Duke-Carolina TV audience).

Another stat you might look at is winning percentage, Dean Smith 77% Coach K, 69%.

Dean’s record against K? 24-14 (and for those who want to say the numbers are skewed because of K’s early years at Duke getting his program started, K’s record is worse against Smith during his last ten games, when his program was well established, than his first 10 games against Carolina while coaching Duke).

We haven’t fact-checked these stats, but they certainly don’t seem that far off, just glancing over them.

It’s a very special episode as we’re joined by 2009 national champion Bobby Frasor. He helps us break down the important stories of the week, including big man rotation and, of course, Gerry the Bear. Then we play Carolina Mythbusters, as Frasor confirms or puts to rest some of the most enduring legends in recent UNC basketball history. Finally in Duke Sucks, Coach K won his 1,000th game in a typically humble and non self-congratulatory manner. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com


McAdoo makes his NBA debut

January 22, 2015

We won’t make this blog entirely about JMM, but his story is pretty interesting. Last night, he played his first game for the Warriors since being signed to a 10-day contract a few days ago. And while Golden State was comfortably ahead and the result wasn’t really in doubt, McAdoo was still really good. Watch these highlights below. We defy you not to be impressed, especially with that one block he gets. He just plain gets. up.

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