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With the regular season about to start, we look back at the preseason beatdown against…well, it was some opponent. It hardly mattered. We also assess the freshman, and try and figure out what the two keys to the season might be. And yes, we’ll discuss the scandal. Tell my mom to stop emailing me. In Duke Sucks, we look at how Coach K is now an expert on US foreign policy and ISIS. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com


Bubba speaks!

October 23, 2014

Here’s an interview with AD Bubba Cunningham on this morning’s Dan Patrick show. Dan asks all the right questions, and Bubba’s answers are sort of what you expect, although I’m not sure anyone ever does themselves favors by speaking so politically correctly, like a sanitized PR robot. It always comes off as a bit hollow, even if the content of the answers is correct. You’re not running for city alderman, Bubba. Speak like a human being.
And Patrick asks at one point, “Does this happen everywhere?” Bubba completely deflects the question, when he should have said, “It probably does. Athletes on every campus know which classes to take if they’re looking to slack off. If you want to work hard in college, you’ll work hard. If you don’t, you’ll find ways around it. That’s true for athletes, as well as regular students. The difference between other schools and UNC is that at UNC, there were faculty and an administrator involved in helping students skate. That was a ridiculous breach that someone should have shut down years ago.”

You’ve probably read at least a summary of the findings by Kenneth Wainstein after a multi-month investigation, but if not, here you go.

There doesn’t seem to be all that much new here. The mechanics of the fraud are a bit more clear now, and some new names (at least to me) have been added to the record. But the whole scandal still seems pretty straightforward. The head of the AFAM department allowed easy classes and independent study courses to be created in order to help those students that might struggle otherwise. In some cases, academic advisers helped steer athletes to these courses.

Here are a few more relevant tidbits.

Wainstein and his team of lawyers did not find any evidence that coaches or other athletic officials hatched the scheme, nor did they find any kind of financial incentive. But they concluded that pressure from the tutoring program in the early 1990s prompted Crowder to create the classes.

Then there’s also this:
But word got out about the classes and eventually hundreds of fraternity members, and some sorority members, were lining up for them.
As for the rationale behind all this…
Nyang’oro said he allowed Crowder to create the classes, and later created some after she retired, because he also thought student athletes were in a difficult position. He said early in his career he had seen what had happened to two athletes who flunked out: One was murdered in his rural hometown; the other ended up in jail.
So here’s hoping this report puts an end to this whole mess. The report also mentions that Roy Williams wondered whether it was OK for Rashad McCants to be taking so many independent study classes. After he made that comment, the practice was tightened somewhat.
The report also seems to suggest that the practice was confined to the AFAM department under a couple people. What happened to that independent study class on submarines are whatever Tyler Hansbrough was supposedly taking?


UNC #6 in preseason poll

October 16, 2014

The USA Today/Coaches Poll has the Heels just outside the top 5. Kentucky grabs the top spot, a team UNC will play this season. Other Carolina opponents in the top 10 alone include Duke, Louisville and UVA. The Heels could potentially match up against #4 Wisconsin. It might be easier to just list the top teams UNC won’t be playing.

This video was passed along by listener Ben. Pretty funny stuff, and much credit to the Carolina fan shown here. This takes guts!

After the summer break, we’re back to run down the few Tar Heel tidbits that made news over the last couple months. We’ve also got a look at the just-released schedule. Kentucky? Duke? Louisville? How bad is it for Carolina?

And in Dook Sucks, we shine the spotlight on the most unlikely member of Team USA – a guy who doesn’t even start on his own team. Whuh?

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Schedule released!

August 27, 2014

Yep, it’s that time again. The schedule for the upcoming season has been released. As was the case with the past few years, it looks like a beast. And that’s mostly because of how stacked the ACC is. Louisville. Syracuse. Dook. Pittsburgh. Which is not to say the pre-conference schedule will be easy. It won’t. There’s yet another game against Kentucky in there. But at least UNC won’t be facing the top team in the Big 10/ACC challenge this year. We get Iowa.
You can view the complete schedule here.

THBTHD caption contest!

July 8, 2014

Be careful before you gaze upon the photo below. What’s seen can never be unseen. Apparently Jay Williams and Justin Bieber are hanging out together. On a private plane. The levels of douchiness in this one image boggles the mind.
So hit the comments section or email us at thbthd@gmail.com and write your best caption. Winner gets to pick the “Duke Sucks” segment for an upcoming podcast.

Hairston mug shotC’mon, PJ. We want to give you benefit of the doubt. We really do. We were ready to chalk up all your problems at Carolina to youthful indiscretions, running with a bad crowd, etc. We thought after you’d been kicked off the team and been forced to play in the D League, you’d learned your lesson. You certainly sounded remorseful in interviews. You said all the right things, talked about making mistakes and not wanting let your team down in the future. And then draft night came, and Charlotte took you in the first round. It seemed you were well on your way to a decent NBA career, free from the distractions that have dogged you in the past.
And then this happened.
You were charged with assault after allegedly punching a 17-year-old during a pick-up game at the Durham YMCA.
Oh, but there’s more. In a weird twist, Browns receiver Josh Gordon was arrested for a DUI in North Carolina over the weekend. When the cops checked the registration, they found that the 2015 Yukon he was driving was owned by Hairston. And worst of all, guess who bailed Gordon out of jail.
Go ahead, guess.
Our old buddy Haydn “Fats” Thomas, the felon who was linked to illegal rental cars provided to Hairston and Leslie McDonald. The guy who did a helluva lot to derail the Tar Heels’ season last year. It sure seems like Hairston is still pretty tight with Thomas. And also that Hairston isn’t exactly choosing his other friends very well, either. Gordon has failed multiple drug tests and been suspended for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.
PJ, we really want to root for you. We want to see you do well in the pros. But this might be it. You’re making it really difficult to pull for you anymore.

If you haven’t seen it, Chris Rock had a pretty funny monologue opening the BET Awards last night. He took shots at Solange, Kevin Hart and — of course — Clippers owner Donald Sterling. In that vein, he got a couple funny digs in at a couple Dook players. Check it out.

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