Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead
  • I’m not sure anyone expected to spank FSU this bad, but it was great to watch. This is the Carolina team we’ve been waiting for all year. The talent and personnel have always been there, it’s just been a matter of tweaking the line-up, hitting shots and getting a consistent effort.
  • This game confirms that when McAdoo and Bullock are both on, the Heels are pretty much impossible to beat.
  • Can someone buy Bullock a beer? Or some baby formula or whatever he needs? That dude killed it again on the boards: 10.
  • Loved the patience the guys showed, especially in the first half. Very few rushed or bad shots.
  • Paige is finally starting to look like Buttah, doing the patented penetrate then hand out a no-look dime.
  • Paging Desmond Hubert. Paging Desmond Hubert. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.
  • Can Marv and Steve call every Carolina game? They’re so much better than the teams ESPN has put up this season.
  • Speaking of bad announcers, if you haven’t read this Dookie V parody, you’re missing out. Dead on and really funny.
  • Carolina finished the game with 20 assists. That’s beautiful ball. Makes sense that they’re 3rd in the nation in that stat.
  • Big up to Jackson Simmons, who always makes the most of his minutes. This time, grabbing an offensive board and diving on the floor for a loose ball.

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