Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead
  • Yep, pretty ugly. And while Roy can call the team a bunch of “pansies,” the fact is, this is a win the Heels had to have and they got it.¬†
  • Ever since Carolina went small, Bullock has been a beast on the boards. He doesn’t get enough credit for his rebounding.
  • It’s worrying that Hairston has the occasional cold game. And when he’s cold, he’s really cold and things rarely turn around by game’s end. Here’s hoping one of those cold spells doesn’t come in the tournament.
  • What was with Booker’s ol timey sideburns? Was he ¬†auditioning to be an extra in Django Unchained?
  • You gotta give it to McDonald for the confidence he suddenly has. He shot the ball nearly every time he touched it. Not always for the better, but you gotta like that he at least believes it’s going in. That’s better than being timid.
  • Why does Roy have to put his glasses on the scorer’s table during timeouts? Can’t he just put them in his pocket, or you know, wear them or something?
  • Once again, if you’re an announcer and you’re calling a UNC game, please learn how to pronounce Tokoto’s name. Toe-kuh-toe. Thank you.
  • McAdoo had a pretty nice game and he was more efficient than in the past few. Was really patient with the ball and didn’t force too many shots or take bad drives.
  • Joel James played. Did you notice? No?
  • With the new starting line-up, you gotta figure Paige is the one most likely to be left open for jumpers. And he’s beginning to take advantage. Love it.
  • That flop that McAdoo’s been doing lately is almost — almost — Dook-like. Still love the guy and his defense though.
  • Please tell me if I’ve missed it, but has Johnson ever, ever passed it out of the post once he’s received the ball? I’m honestly asking. He’s averaging .4 assists per game, so it’s probably happened…sometime. Just can’t remember ever seeing it.
  • Shut up, Jay Williams.

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