Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

It’s a special episode with only sad interstitial as the Heels’ season comes to an end. How did Stilman White acquit hiimself in the last two games, and can anyone explain what’s going on with Harrison Barnes? Also, we look at some of the many celebrities who filled out tourney brackets and see how they’re doing. Finally, Dook sucks this week because one politician prefers them to crazed, radical murderers.

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  • Jonathan Gladston says:

    It was a tough loss yesterday and a great effort. I think hat hurts and has us worries is now we play the waiting game to see who is staying and who is going?

  • Martin says:

    Great episode, guys.

    A big part of the appeal of your show is the feeling that you’re talking with like-minded fans. And you delivered in spades today: you summed up perfectly the way I feel. Disappointed, and filled with “what ifs”, but able to carry on with life. Even feeling a little bit of pride, and remembering the good times. Losing to Kansas, for example, was 1,000 times less worse than that loss to Duke. And interestingly, I think the near catastrophe (and injury or no injury it would have been that: a catastrophe)loss to Ohio made us immune in advance to the pain. It was like we saw death, feared it, maybe even accepted it a little… and then were spared it. So when the end came…we’d been there. And at least we didn’t go out like chumps.

    As we near the end, let me say y’all have REALLY hit your stride this season. When you do your year in review, I’d like to hear from YOU which was your most enjoyable show, or which you think were the “best of” this season. For me, you guys hit another level during two moments a)the Ian Williams episode, and b)the alumni rap album episodes.

    Keep on with it. Don’t be too lazy during the summer!

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