Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

If you keep up on Twitter with Butter, you know he’s obsessed with sneakers. And that’s putting it gently. Marshall is always talking his sneakers, what pair of kicks he’s currently wearing and what pair he’s planning to wear later in the week. He gets offended when someone else is wearing the same shoes, or worst of all, when he spots someone wearing Skechers Shape Ups. The horror. A couple weekends ago, he mentioned he was headed to a Raleigh shoe convention. Slam has a nice kicks-centric interview up with the guard.

SLAM: What are your five favorite pairs of kicks that you own?

KM: Definitely my royal Foamposite Ones, the ones I haven’t worn yet. My Jordan XIII Playoffs. Maybe my Wolf Grey Vs. I don’t know, it’s hard! God, asking difficult questions [laughs]! Umm, my [Nike Air] Griffey’s Freshwater/Black. These are another pair I’m scared to wear. My Jordan Retro VII Bordeaux’s, it’s like a black and grey.

SLAM: Thoughts on the new Jordan 8.0s?

KM: I’m kinda excited about the black ones of those. They have a black pair. I’m not really a fan of the second series—2.0s and stuff—‘cause I feel like they’re ruining the Retro pairs of Jordans, but I kinda like the 8.0s.

Didn’t understand of word of that.

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