Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead

Larry Drew — last seen bolting Chapel Hill under the cover of darknessĀ  hidden in the back of a potato truck — has officially enrolled at UCLA. Here’s the well-scrubbed press release.

“We are very excited about the addition of Larry Drew II to our program,” UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland said. “He is an outstanding player and a really good kid. He is a great person and I think that he will be a great player for the Bruins in his final season of eligibility.”

“It feels great to be back home,” Larry Drew II said. “I had a great learning experience at North Carolina and they taught me a lot. I’m looking forward to getting a fresh start at UCLA and I’m happy to be a Bruin. Next year will give me time to focus on my academics and of course, train with the team.”

Why in the world would UCLA take on this guy? No matter what story Larry fed his new coaches about what went down at Carolina, they have to suspect he has issues or he’s not exactly a team player. And yes, many coaches are willing to take on head cases in exchange for a serious boost in talent to their roster, but Drew has never really shown that he’s anything other than an average Division I guard. Why risk having your team chemistry implode to sign what is basically a solid back-up? Is Howland that desperate to reunite Drew with the Wear Twins? Did they put in a good word for him? This is all very strange. Anyone got any thoughts on this one?

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  • Anonymous says:

    It’s all about appearances and the flash in So Cal. so while the logic for the pickup sucks it does not surprise me at all. Plus, UCLA wants to be the great dominant team their fans still expect them to be (and hardly ever get) so I do think desperation is at play here too. I’m just glad as hell we did not drag his sorry arse to the Elite 8 with us…

  • CarolinaBoy says:

    I also wonder what Drew has been promised — if anything. Was he promised a starting role? Is UCLA now backing off recruiting point guards for 2012-2013? What happens if he gets there and he plays fewer than his 20 or so UNC was giving him? Will he leave UCLA, as well?

  • L Gray says:

    This is the last we will hear of Larry Drew. He’s going to UCLA…take a year off and fall off the map.

    Good riddance! What a jackass.

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