Tar Heel Bred Tar Heel Dead
  • Butler: 29 offensive rebounds
  • That’s it.

This week’s Dook sucks

November 25, 2014

We have a video entry two weeks in a row. Here’s what we’re talking about on episode 104. This gentleman frightens us.

This week, Reed and Andy break down the Davidson game including the spirited play of Mr. Meeks. How much should we expect from Marcus Paige at this point in the season. There are lots of things to be thankful for at this time of year, we name a few. There’s big news in the Duke Sucks segment along with a broken chair.

Yep, a mock draft for next summer is already up at Draft Express, and it’s that exciting mix of solid guesses mixed with wild speculation that we love. One interesting point: the highest charting Carolina player is Brice Johnson at #24. Marcus Paige checks in at #34. As with most things in the NBA, this seems to be about potential. Johnson is rapidly gaining weight and he’s  pretty athletic  and has a soft touch for a big man. If he shores up a few skills (defense, anyone?), he could be a pretty good NBA player one day. Maybe the knock on Paige is that he’s not dominant enough or he’s too small. Who knows?

Meanwhile, all three Dook freshmen are set to go in the top 20. Scary.

  • It was a little hard noticing things when the online stream was unceremoniously cut off. Bastuds.
  • Kennedy Meeks is a monster. It’s gonna be real interesting to see if he’s even close to this dominant against better teams with bigger players.
  • Free throws continue to be a problem. Here’s hoping the team can get up above 70% before the conference season starts.
  • After Roy challenged Tokoto to get more offensive boards, he grabbed 2. Not bad, not great.
  • Brice Johnson fouled out? Luckily, the Heels have major depth when it comes to big men.
  • It’s still really early, but it’s looking likely that Paige won’t lead the team in scoring this season. Which is probably a good thing. Nice that the team has other options and doesn’t depend solely on Paige.
  • Justin Jackson really stuffs the stat sheet. And he’s incredibly efficient.
  • The Davidson coach looks like a villain out of a 1980s comedy. He’s the stuck-up guy at the country club giving Rodney Dangerfield a hard time, or the dean at the college trying to crack down on the frat.

Statute of limitations?

November 18, 2014

Here’s a really interesting article about the AFAM scandal and possible NCAA sanctions. Everyone knows the NCAA is almost never consistent with its punishment (or lack of punishment). The organization can also do pretty much whatever it wants. It is God. But here’s something I never considered, as pointed out by this article. The NCAA may have waited too long to impose any penalty.

First, pursuant to Section 19.5.11 of the NCAA Division I Compliance Manual, there is a statute of limitations of four years, which necessarily requires that any alleged violation continue into the 2010 season. Unfortunately for all those cheering for North Carolina’s demise, zero basketball players have majored in African American Studies since 2010. ZERO. In 2009, the year Wayne Waldon and Deb Crowder left the employ of the university, only one North Carolina basketball player majored in African American Studies. The NCAA has blown the statute of limitations, and any punishment it seeks is now untimely.

Also, for better or worse, basketball players stopped majoring in AFAM even before news of the scandal broke.

Second, there is concrete evidence of institutional control. The records are clear: 10 basketball players majored in African American Studies in 2005, one majored in African American Studies in 2009 and zero majored in African American Studies from 2010 until present. If North Carolina truly lacked institutional control over its basketball program, there would not be such a sharp decline.

You might argue this is because Crowder left the university, but the fact remains: If the NCAA does follow its own rules, it’s going to have trouble penalizing anyone on the basketball team, especially going all the way back to 2005.


We’ve got our predictions for who will be the scoring, rebounding and assist champs on this team. Also, look who showed up behind the Tar Heel bench the other day. Whuh? We revisit the scandal yet again — mainly because the announcers keep revisting it. And in Dook sucks, it’s a video edition.


This week’s Dook sucks

November 18, 2014

This is what we’re talking about on this week’s episode of the podcast.

Next episode…

November 17, 2014

will be posted Monday night, one day later than normal.

  • Not a bad win at all but probably a bit uglier than some expected. Still it’s early in the season…
  • Carolina’s bench is so deep, almost to a detrimental effect. This team should be even better once the rotation tightens up.
  • Joel Berry does look like the sleeper among the freshmen. Only knock on him is his unorthodox shot. Paging Hubert Davis…
  • Joel James was 100% for the entire game. That will probably never ever happen again.
  • Ugh. Forgot about the foul shooting. That’s apparently going to be a holdover from last year.
  • Commentators spent about 40% of the game talking about Dook. It was just like when Dickie V was there.
  • The 3-point shooting, as we all suspected, also appears to be a major problem. So far at least, it doesn’t look like the freshmen are going to be our saviors in that area. But maybe give them a few months…
  • Still not quite sure what Isaiah Hicks’ game is. Everyone keeps talking about how much more comfortable he is playing down low, but what’s his go-to move down there?
  • Kennedy Meeks with a very McAdoo-like steal and lay-up. Nice!
  • Seems like we’re in for an entire year of the commentators talking about the academic scandal throughout the game. Glad Fran Fraschilla could weigh in and claim every student who took an AFAM class now has a worthless diploma. Can’t wait for the commentator during Sunday’s game to talk about how the university should be shut down and razed for condos.
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